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                                        100% Combed cotton Satin 280 TC

les unis

The soft touch of combed cotton satin. A must-have for quality and refinement. Blanc Des Vosges offers a large range of plain colours in combed cotton satin across top sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases.                                                                          

Synonymous with beauty and brilliance, our combed cotton satin with a thread count of 280/in², offers a high degree of comfort and softness. It is on this dense quality of cloth that we use colourfast dyes washable to …90°C. Blanc des Vosges makes up all items from this range with the utmost care to ensure that products are fully adapted to your bed and mattress.

                                                           Discover below the full list of advantages which this range brings :

Satin uni naturel
Satin uni chanvre
Satin uni sanguine
Satin uni rouge
Satin uni cassis
Satin uni guimauve
Satin uni métal
Satin uni ardoise
Satin uni ébène

  • Our PRESTIGE plains  range

  • From light colour tones reminiscent of desert horizons to warmer tones inspired by tropical lands across the sea, we offer a range of 12 colours.

  • Our products are guaranteed COLOURFAST due to our use of vat-dying colorants known as "Colourfast".

  • Our products are machine washable to 90°C. For greater practicality, these products can also be tumble dried.



  • Cotton satin is a particular weave style which brings sheen and softness to our products. Wrap yourself in satin for maximum COMFORT

  • The very tight weave and high threadcount of our satin (280 threads/in²) and the addition of a bias binding gives even greater STRENGTH to our fitted sheets.


  • Thanks to the very deep corners of our fitted sheets (30cm), they are ADAPTABLE to all types of mattress. This is particularly useful nowadays when mattresses are also increasingly deep.

  • Our products carry a GUARANTEED ORIGIN label because they are made in the heart of the Vosges. 





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