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Listed below are the various care symbols and their significance.

symbole_1Machine washable.
Maximum water temperature indicated within the symbol :

symbole_2 30° Wash
symbole_3 40° Wash
symbole_4 60° Wash
symbole_590° Wash - Boil wash

symbole_6Hand wash only at low température
symbole_7Do not wash
symbole_8Bleach as needed
symbole_9Do not bleach
symbole_10Can be ironed
The maximum heat of the iron is indicated by the number of dots within the iron :
symbole_11Cool iron
symbole_12Medium heat
symbole_13High heat

symbole_14Dry-clean only
symbole_15 Do not dry-clean
symbole_16 Tumble dry
symbole_17Do not tumble dry


SYMBOLs by cloth quality

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