French excellence since 1843


Based in the heart of the Vosges since 1843Blanc des Vosges creates and manufactures household linens.

With passion and enthusiasm, the Blanc des Vosges teams use their exceptional know-how to create and  manufacture innovative and on-trend products  bringing you the essence of  French Manufacturing Excellence.

KNOW-HOW N°1  : Cutting

This is the first stage in the production process.

All our cloths must be prepared and cut to the required dimensions. Detailed preparation is necessary in the first instance : large production runs are run through on an automated mattress and for small production runs and special sizes items are cut on special tables "rectomètres” which can be used both upright and flat. One the cloth has been laid out, the pattern of the product must be traced out and finally cut. Each stage of this operation requires a great deal of precision and control.



 KNOW-HOW N°2 : Assembly

Once a product has been cut, all the component parts must be assembled by our seamstresses.

This is the stage when the product takes form. Inserting the elastic with the bias binding on a fitted sheet, overlock stitching on a duvet cover or hemming a flat sheet are all part of this process which requires meticulous attention to detail and dexterity.

This is where the know-how of our seamstresses is all important.





KNOW-HOW N° 3 :  Finishing

Binging a delicate finish to a pillowcase, a fine embroidered stitch or a brightly coloured cuff  to elevate these products to a higher level, inserting piping, a braid, a jacquard woven or velvet ribbon or just simply adding a satin ribbon finish….

Such is the know-how and excellence that Blanc des Vosges brings to each design in its collections.

Our expert seamstresses who transform these products possess a dexterity second to none.

Skilfully executed, their work si often carried out without guides.

Experience is key.


KNOW-HOW N°4 : Picot stitch and ladder stitch

Dreamy and masterful. This is when sewing becomes an outstanding artform. Ladderstitch and picot finishing are the jewel in the crown of Blanc des Vosges know-how and have been for well over a century.

Our obsession with excellence takes on its full significance at each step of the process from pulling the threads, to creating the ladder effect and embroidering each hole precisely. 

We are one of the last manufacturers able to claim to offer an authentically hand-made ladderstitch finish. 

This heritage depends not only on the maintenance of vintage sewing machines but also, and above all on the exemplary know-how of our master seamstresses : Precision in the execution and years of experience.







  KNOW-HOW N°5 : Creating added value

At Blanc des Vosges, every product that comes out of our workshop is folded, ironed and packaged by hand. More than ever, presentation of the product must be beyond reproach.

Thanks to the expertise and dexterity of our teams responsible for the folding, ironing and packaging of our products, the presentation of the packaged product is as impeccable as the product itself.


At each stage of the production process our expert teams are instrumental in the systematic application of quality control.

Here it is the satisfaction of a good job done which counts the most.


KNOW-HOW N°6 : Making an impression

Creating an atmosphere, emphasising a lifestyle, bringing a product to market pertinent to consumer tastes, are the challenges faced and overcome every day by our stylists.

Creativity is fundamental to Blanc des Vosges. It is creativity which triggers emotion and the impulse must-have purchase.

Through our ranges, we choose to tell a story, harmonise colours, constantly associate new themes and new designs to amaze and excite you more every time.