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Weave Styles

The weave style will determine the type of structure of the cloth. There are three types of structure : cloth, twill and satin each with different properties determining the level of quality and end-use.


This is the number of threads /cm² or /in² in a cloth (eg : 57threads/cm² - 150TC for the superior cotton). Generally speaking, the higher the threadcount , the more tightly woven the structure and the better the quality of the cloth.


Treatment which softens the fibresand minimizes creasing during the washing and drying process for a non-iron effect. 


Defines the weight/m² of a cloth. "Grammage" can also refer to the thickness of a cloth.


All our plains ranges are vat-dyed « Indanthren » for guaranteed colourfastness, resistant to bleach  and washable to 90°.


Registered brand name for fitted sheets specially adapted for adjustable  beds with a patented method of assembly which ensures indestructible corners and angles

Pure linen 

Cloth 100% pure linen.


Treatment which softens the cotton and strengthens the yarn improving the absorption of colorants for bright, vibrant colours.

Coton/Linen mix

Cloth  with 100% cotton warp and 100% linen weft.


Registered trademark treatment for protection against dust-mites associating active acaricide agents.


Yarn made from fine, good quality fibres which have been combed during thespinning process.


A tightly woven quality of cloth (from 72 threads/cm² upwards) in 100% combed cotton or 50% combed cotton 50% polyester for an exceptionally soft touch and minimum-iron finish.     


Registered trademark for a treatment which gives maximum resistance to water and stains. Ironing and tumble-drying serve to increase its effectiveness and the treatment remains active through washing and dry-cleaning. Although Teflon® fabric protector protects each fibre it does not diminish either the visual aspect of the cloth or its feel and continues to allow the cloth to breath.